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  • NetSci 2011
    The International School and Conference on Network Science
    Budapest, 6-10 June, 2011

    Bringing together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science (including analysts, modeling experts, visualization specialists, and others), NetSci fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The conference focuses on novel directions in networks research within the biological and environmental sciences, computer and information sciences, social sciences, finance and business.

    The School part of the event on June 6th-7th: at the Central European University campus will be offering a series of tutorials and lectures, introducing tools and basic results from a variety of research areas of major interest for the study of complex networks. The School will present basic experimental and theoretical developments, as well as educate the research community on standard network databases, tools, and computational resources.

    The Conference part of the event between June 8th-10th: at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will be dedicated to talks presenting the latest results in the field and their applications in various disciplines.

    The Location

    NetSci 2011 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, at Central European University, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and various other university campuses and art galleries.

    Satellite events are shorter (one-day or half-day) meetings with a specific focus – as opposed to the broad interdisciplinary nature of the main conference. For more information about these events, please contact the satellite event organizer at the web-page of each event. NetSci2011 includes the following satellite events:

    Contact the organizers at: netsci2011@gmail.com

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